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Grimme MAXTRON 620 II

Grimme MAXTRON 620 II

Basic information
Equipment CategoriesBeet Harvesters
BrandGrimme MAXTRON 620 II
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Serial number68110219
Additional informationAsset Location: Grójec, Poland.

Beet harvester
Make, model, type GRIMME MAXTRON 620 II
Version 6811
Year of production 2017
Serial number 68110219
Counter indications
The plowing area is 736.7 ha
Engine work 1205.1 mth
390 kW power
Tank capacity 33 m3 / approx. 22,000 kg
Front axle tires, tracked, 770 mm wide (30% consumption)
Dimensions (L x W x H) 12,000 x 3,300 x 4,000 mm
Producer Landmaschinenfabrik GmbH & Co.KG Germany
Type Beet harvesting attachment

During the examination it was stated:
The GRIMME Maxtron 620 II beet harvester with the above-mentioned characteristics was presented for evaluation
identification, leased, untested in operation.
Visual technical condition can be stated as - sufficient.
LEMKEN brand main display (replaced?)
No technical, service and warranty documentation was presented for the machine.
Lifter units, transport systems, chassis and tank are significantly dirty (muddy).
Due to the characteristics of the inspection, the machine was not tested in movement.
Necessity to verify the engine, hydraulic system, lifting unit, transport unit and
all other machine systems by a specialized service.
Inability to determine the efficiency of the above-mentioned parking conditions.
Operator''s seat - sitting, heated cabin - air-conditioned
Type of ignition - automatic
Engine type - diesel
Basic accessories - no comments
Hydraulic systems
(pump, lines, actuators) - leaks from the seals
Lacquer cladding - operational mechanical damages
Switchboard - complete
Fluid leaks - leaks from the seals
Machine efficiency - no possibility of verification
Repair and maintenance of the machine - not presented
Documents identifying the machine - not presented
Machine mileage documents - not presented
Efficiency test with load - not completed
Basic components:
Engine complete with accessories, without visible lacks.
The engine started. The engine work in the idle speed range does not raise any objections.
An attempt to move the machine was not made.
Visible hydraulic oil leaks from the area of ​​the hydraulic pump / distributor.
Necessity to verify the engine, hydraulic system, lifting unit, transport unit and
all other machine systems by a specialized service.
Chassis subassemblies complete with exploitation damages to bandages of front wheels.
Rear axle tires: LEFT SIDE RIGHT SIDE
900/60 R32 (consumption 50%) 900/60 R32 (consumption 70%)
(outer side cracked)
Body of a red color with signs of operational mechanical damage, scratches,
paint chipping with corrosion centers.
Damage eligible for replacement / repair:
- machine surface - significantly dirty,
- back covers - scratched,
- rear lamp covers - broken,
- right cover (glove box) - dented.
One set is presented. the ignition key.
The machine is equipped with a reversing camera.
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Arkadiusz Utnik
Inflancka 4, 00-189 Warsaw, Poland
Telephone:+48 222794781
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