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Valtra N114 eH5

Valtra N114 eH5

Basic information
Equipment CategoriesTractors
BrandValtra N114 eH5
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Tractor typeFarm Tractor
Serial numberYK5N114H0HS139017
Registration numberSBL94HC
Additional informationAsset Location: Grójec, Poland.

Agricultural tractor
Make, model VALTRA N114 eH5
Identification number YK5N114H0HS139017
Year of production 2017
Readings of the engine work counter 6245 mth
115 kW power
Engine capacity 4399 cm3
Weight 6100 kg
Max speed 53 km / h
4x4 drive
Powershift gearbox
Date of 1st registration no date
Technical examination deadline no date
Manufacturer VALTRA Inc. Finland

Vehicle card: no,
Service book: no,
User manual: no,
Vehicle registration certificate: no,
Confirmation of the civil liability insurance policy: no,
Certificate of conformity (CoC): no,
The tractor will not pass the technical tests due to the technical condition.

Visual technical condition can be visualized - below satisfactory.
The engine was started using an external power supply.
On-board computer indications: inspection not performed with the mileage of 4800 h.
Battery cell head clamp not attached.
The machine is equipped with a safety cage that includes the cabin, lighting and the front part
the engine cover. Rear cage cover missing.
Lack of possibility to verify the hitching systems, power transmission and hydraulics under visual conditions.
Rear three-point hitch with signs of provisional repairs - arms fastened with wire and chain. Numerous traces of oil in the vicinity of the three-point linkage.
Steering system with signs of provisional repairs (steering rack welded, divergent wheels, different tires, tires incorrectly fitted).
Necessity to verify in service conditions.
The instruction manual, DTR and Registration Book were not presented to the machine.
It is not possible to accurately verify the technical condition of the machine in terms of visual inspection.
The need to verify the efficiency and completeness of the tractor with its accessories and all systems under service conditions.

Operator''s seat - sitting, heated cabin
Type of ignition - automatic
Engine type - diesel
Basic accessories - no possibility to verify efficiency and completeness
Hydraulic systems (pump, wires, cylinders) - numerous leaks, rear hydraulic three-point linkage out of order
Lacquer cladding - numerous operational mechanical damages
Switchboard - complete
Fluid leaks - numerous fluid leaks from the area of the rear three-point linkage
Machine efficiency - no possibility of verification under visual inspection conditions
Repair and maintenance of the machine - not presented
Documents identifying the machine - not presented
Machine mileage documents - not presented
Efficiency test without load - completed
Basic teams:

The engine was started using an external power supply. Display of the on-board computer: overview
with a run of 4800h.
The rear three-point hitch is out of order, with signs of provisional repairs - arms
fastened with wire and chain, numerous leaks.
The need to verify the engine and accessories in service conditions.

Front axle undercarriage components with signs of provisional repairs (steering rack welded,
divergent wheels, tires incorrectly fitted).
The need to verify the steering system in service conditions.
Tractor tires worn, cut on the side walls.
Rear left wheel disc (steel rim) dented, significantly bent.
Front wheel mudguards missing.
NOKIAN 500/65 R28 front axle tires (worn, incorrectly fitted)
NOKIAN 600/65 R38 rear axle tires

Body of a red color with signs of operational mechanical damage - scratches,
spot chipping of the varnish coating.
Damage eligible for replacement / repair:
- front lighting (working and dipped headlights) - out of order,
- front linkage cylinder cover - scratched, dented,
- left exterior mirror - broken,
- rear left wheel disc (rear left rim) - dented, significantly bent,
- safety cage - corrosion centers,
- left steps - dented,
- right steps - dented,
- rear left wheel mudguard - scratched,
- engine cover - cracked with material loss,
- thermal shield of the engine boost system - torn.

- front wheel mud fl
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