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Komatsu PC360LC-11

Komatsu PC360LC-11

Informações básicas
Grupo de produtosEscavadeiras de Esteira
MarcaKomatsu PC360LC-11
Ano de fabricação2019
Localização da máquinaGrójec
Escolher moeda 
Preço sem IVAPreço s/ consulta 
N°. de ref. de armazém34580/20
Número de sérieKMTPC256CKC091014
Outras informaçőesAsset Location: Grójec, Poland.

Type Crawler excavator
Make, model, type KOMATSU PC360LCi-11
C number KMTPC256CK091014
Year of production 2019

Tool of the engine work counter 2280 mth
Power 202 kW
Bucket capacity 2.66 m³
Digging depth 8.18 m
Weight 35,400 kg
Transport length 11,145 m
Transport width 3.44 m
calibration transport 3,285 m²
Producer KOMATSU Sp.
2-3-6, Akasaka, Minato-ku Tokyo, Japan

Operator''s seat - sitting, heated, air-conditioned cabin
Type of ignition - automatic
Engine type - diesel
(pump, cables, actuators) - does not arouse restrictions
Coating - yellow color with varnishes,
Switchboard - complete
Fluid leaks - not cultures
Repair and maintenance of the machine - not presented
Documents identifying the machine - not presented
Machine mileage documents - not presented
Attempt trial without trial - trial
Basic machines:
The engine with the complete equipment without visible brakes and used devices.
Engine started - developer did not.
The undercarriage components have no visible defects.
The caterpillars are even dirty with sand and dust.
Yellow body with traces of impact - scratches, point
varnish with corrosion centers. We have created technical covers for the counterweight workplace
(cover dented inwards) and damage to the rear left upper corner of the cabin (dents, corrosion centers).
The damage is so serious that it disturbs the supporting structure of the cabin, which means it loses its ROPS / FOPS properties.
(ROPS - Roll Over Protective Structure, FOPS - Falling Object Protective Structures),
- local lacquer defects, scratches,
- spoon - dirty with sand and dust.
1 set was presented for inspection. the ignition key.
Machine equipped with:
- digging bucket,
- automatic 3D system,
- 270 ° camera system.
* The machine is painted with the markings of the former user, we have covered these markings for advertising purposes and to protect this data.
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