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Feldbinder KIP 52.3 37.0t

Feldbinder KIP 52.3 37.0t

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CategoriaAltri semirimorchi
MarchioFeldbinder KIP 52.3 37.0t
Anno di costruzione2017
Ubicazione della macchinaPolonia
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Stock interno nr.22758/17
Numero di serieWFB334C1NH0055556
Altre informazioniAsset Location: Grójec, Poland.

Vehicle type: Semi-trailer
Year of manufacture: 2017
Model: KIP 52.3 37.0t
Version: 334C
Registration number: WI070AV
VIN: WFB334C1NH0055556
No registration certificate, no liability insurance, no documentation of the Transport Technical Supervision (no technical passport) for the tank. The vehicle cannot be driven on roads.

Date of first registration 2017/10/04
Validity date of technical examination 2022/10/07
Vehicle lifetime (17/10/04-22/10/18) 60 months
Color of the lacquer coating, (type of lacquer) White
perm. gross weight / curb weight / payload 37000 kg / 6300 kg / 30700 kg
Type of semi-trailer tanker for transporting loose materials (aluminum)
Axle suspension / Cushion wheelbase / 1310 mm
no. Equipment item name No. The name of the piece of equipment
1 *ABS - anti-lock braking system
2*Disc brakes
3 *Automatic parking brake
4 *Extra spare wheel
5 *Maintenance-free axes
6 * Side underrun covers
7 +Aluminum wheels
8 *Air suspension

Wheel Brand, type Tread [mm] Wear [% ]
Front left: *DUNLOP 385/65 R22.5 164K SP 247 10.0 54
Front right: *DUNLOP 385/65 R22.5 164K SP 247 9.0 59
II Axle left: *SAVA 385/65 R22.5 164K CARGO 5 12.5 40
II Axis right: *SAVA 385/65 R22.5 164K CARGO 5 11.0 48
III Axis left: *SAVA 385/65 R22.5 164K CARGO 4 12.5 40
III Axis right: *SAVA 385/65 R22.5 164K CARGO 4 12.5 40

Chassis components set no visible defects or mechanical damage.
JOST supports, BPW axles.
The visual technical condition of the chassis does not raise any objections.
Single-chamber tanker body for transporting loose food materials.
The main tank is white, covered with a company advertisement.
The following damage was found:
- main frame - spot corrosion centers,
- tank - spot corrosion centers,
- plastic water tank bracket - corrosion centers, traces of makeshift repairs,
- actuator service box - corrosion centers,
- right end marker lamp - traces of makeshift repairs.
Test pressure: 3 bar
Operating pressure: 2 bar
Operating temperature: -40°C to 80°C
5 x DN 450
Pneumatic, with electro-polished stainless steel spout on the flange. Polished
electrically touching matt or stainless steel insert. Agitation systems with the possibility
exchange. Material outlet DN 150 with cut-off flap. Reducing system DN 100 with connector
rosista and a blind cover.
Aluminum safety grate, 400 mm wide, anti-slip handrails and ladders with
electrically polished stainless steel.
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