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MarkeDAF XF 460 FT SC
Maschinen StandortSłomczyn
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Serien Nr.XLRTEH4300G043947
Amtliches KennzeichenPNT36137
Zusätzliche InformationenAsset Location: Słomczyn, Poland.

Vehicle type: Tractor
Brand: DAF
Vehicle model: XF 460 E6 21.0t
Version: FT Space Cab
Registration number: PNT36137
Manufacture year: 2014
VIN: XLRTEH4300G043947
The vehicle hasn''t passed the technical inspection.
Technical examination expiry date October 16, 2019
Odometer display 1282474 km
Cabin lacquer color White 2-layer uni type
Dop. total weight of 18,000 kg
Body type tractor with long cab
Type of sleeping cabin
Number of axles / Type of drive / Gearbox 2 / 4x2 / automatic
Front / rear axle suspension / Wheelbase springs / airbags / 3800 mm
Diesel ignition drive unit
Capacity / engine power 12902 ccm / 340kW (462KM)
Number of cylinders / arrangement of cylinders 6 / row
Exhaust gas standard E6

The engine was started from external power supply - batteries discharged.
The engine operation in the full range of rotational speed is not objectionable.
Indication of the on-board computer - necessity of verification in service conditions:
- engine fault
- low coolant level.
- rear wheel discs pcs. 4 - scratched with corrosion centers,
- front wheel hubcaps, item 2 - paint chipping with corrosion,
White cabin, with signs of mechanical damage.
The thickness of the varnish coating was measured with an electronic device.
No traces of bodywork and body repairs were found.
Damaged bodywork parts needing replacement:
- rear fender left upper part - worn, cracked,
- rear fender left rear part - cracked,
Damaged bodywork parts needing repair:
- cab front cover - spot chips of varnish,
- right door of the cabin - scratched, spot chips of varnish coating,
- front left fender - scratched,
- front right fender - scratched,
- rear right fender upper part - scratched,
- right cabin door - scratched,
- upholstery side door of the left cabin - worn,
Body parts damaged need to be repaired:
- rear cabin wall upholstery - dirty,
- fairing to the front corner of the right cabin - scratched,
- front bumper - rubbed, spot chipping varnish with corrosion centers, spot
- right headlight cover - peeled off varnish coating,
- upper left outside rearview mirror housing - scratched,
- lower left outside rearview mirror housing - scratched,
- left steps wall - scratched,
- front left door extension - scratched,
- lower right cabin step with casing - scratched,
Parts of damaged vehicle equipment that need to be replaced:
- left seat cover - worn with material loss,
- front right fog lamp - cracked with material loss,
- solar protection - broken with material losses,
- windshield - spot splinters,
- air inlet grille on the front cover - cracked,
- fairing of the front corner of the left cabin - scratched, cracked,
- foil (veneer) of the left cabin wall - material losses,
- left side spoiler - cracked, scratched,
- right side spoiler of the cabin - cracked, scratched,
LACK of vehicle equipment
- air intake grille cover,
- wheel chocks item 2,
- work platforms, 2 pcs.
The vehicle is equipped with HYVA tipping hydraulics.
1 set of ignition switch keys and door locks were presented for inspection.
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Arkadiusz Utnik
Inflancka 4, 00-189 Warsaw, Polen
Telefon:+48 222794781
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