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Feldbinder KIP 52.3 37.0t

Feldbinder KIP 52.3 37.0t

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MerkFeldbinder KIP 52.3 37.0t
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Voorraad nummer22758/17
Overige informatieAsset Location: Grójec, Poland.

Year of production: 2017
Model: KIP 52.3 37.0t
Version: 334C
Registration number: WI071AV
VIN: WFB334C1NH0055555
First registration date 2017/10/04
Technical examination validity date 2022/10/12
Vehicle service life (17/10 / 04-22 / 10/18) 60 months
Color of the varnish layer, (type of varnish) White
Permiss. gross weight / curb weight / payload 37,000 kg / 6,300 kg / 30,700 kg
Type of semi-trailer - tanker for the transport of loose materials (aluminum)
Axle suspension / Wheelbase cushion / 1,310 mm
L.p. Name of the equipment item
1 * ABS - anti-lock brake system
2 * Disc Brakes
3 * Automatic parking brake
4 * Spare spare wheel
5 * Maintenance free axes
6 * Side protection / ramps
7 + Aluminum wheel discs
8 * Air suspension
Mark''s wheel, type Tread [mm] Consumption [%]
Front left: * OTANI 385/65 R22.5 160K OH-102 11.0 48
Front right: * OTANI 385/65 R22.5 160K OH-102 10.0 54
II Left axle: * OTANI 385/65 R22.5 160K OH-102 14.5 29
II Right axle: * OTANI 385/65 R22.5 160K OH-102 14.5 29
III Left axle: * SAVA 385/65 R22.5 164K CARGO 5 6.5 73
III Right axle: * SAVA 385/65 R22.5 164K CARGO 5 7.0 70

Chassis components set without visible defects and mechanical damage.
JOST props, BPW axles.
The visual technical condition of the chassis does not arouse any objections.
Single-chamber cistern type body for transporting loose foodstuffs.
White main tank, covered with a company advertisement.
The following damage was found:
- main frame - point corrosion centers,
- plastic water tank support - corrosion centers,
- front left wheel mudguard - scratched,
- left center wheel mud cover - scratched,
- right center wheel mud cover - scratched,
- rear underrun protection beam - dented, there is a break in the plating continuity,
- actuator service box - corrosion centers.
Test pressure: 3 bar
Operating pressure: 2 bar
Operating temperature: -40 ° C to 80 ° C
5 x DN 450
Pneumatic, with electro-polished stainless steel spout on the flange. Polished
electrically matte or stainless steel moving insert. Emotion systems with the possibility
exchange. Material outlet DN 150 with a shut-off valve. Reducing system DN 100 with coupling
rosista and a blank cover.
Aluminum safety grating, 400 mm wide, handrails and ladders with anti-skid
electrically polished stainless steel.
*** No registration certificate, no liability insurance, no documentation of the Transport Technical Supervision (no technical passport) for the tank. The vehicle cannot be driven on roads. ***
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Arkadiusz Utnik
Inflancka 4, 00-189 Warsaw, Polen
Telefoon:+48 222794781
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