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Bobcat s650

Bobcat s650

Informações básicas
Grupo de produtosCarregadoras de direcção deslizante
MarcaBobcat s650
Ano de fabricação2018
Localização da máquinaPolónia
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Preço sem IVAPreço s/ consulta 
Número de sérieB2LA11995
Outras informaçőesAsset Location: Grójec, Poland.

Mini wheel loader
Make, model BOBCAT S650
Serial number B2LA11995
Year of production 2018
2018 model year
Counter readings 6,342 mth
Engine type BOBCAT D24
Engine power 55.3 Kw
Rated weight 3,657 kg
Maximum load capacity 1,220 kg
Transport length 3,470 mm
Transport width 1,830 mm
Transport height 2,060 mm
Travel speed 11 km/h

Visual technical condition of the machine - below satisfactory.
The paint coating of the entire machine is heavily soiled with cement.
Visible traces of numerous operational damages, dents, permanent dirt, corrosion centers on the surface of the entire machine.
When driving straight ahead, a tendency for a small automatic turn of the machine to the left was found.

Operator''s position - seated, heated cabin,
Ignition type - automatic
Engine type - diesel
Basic equipment - no possibility of verification during the inspection
Hydraulic systems
(pump, hoses, actuators) - does not raise any objections
Lacquer coating - numerous damages, corrosion centers,
Switchboard - set
Fluid leaks - not found
Efficiency of the machine - a tendency to self-turn to the left was found,
Repair and maintenance of the machine - not shown
Documents identifying the machine - not shown
Documents regarding the course of the machine - not shown
Efficiency test without load - done
Core Components:
The engine with accessories is complete with no visible lacks or mechanical damage.
The engine started. The work of the engine does not raise any objections.
Undercarriage components complete with numerous traces of mechanical damage, dirt, corrosion centers.
Solid tires (cast).
The percentage of tire tread wear on the front and rear axle tires is approx. 50%
White body with numerous traces of operational mechanical damage.
The following damage was found:
- cabin interior - dirty,
- roof - peeling of the varnish coating, bent covers of work lights, corrosion centers,
- counterweight (rear bumper) - lower edge deformed, corrosion centers,
- rear engine cover - peeling of the varnish coating, corrosion centers,
- working bucket, - corrosion centers, significant soiling,
- working arms - peeling of the varnish coating, corrosion centers,
- windows - dirty.
One key to the ignition switch and cabin locks was presented for inspection.
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